Summoning is a skill that allows you to summon creatures, also known as familiars, that can help you in various ways. They can be helpful through either helping you kill monsters, healing you, or even holding extra items for you, that you can withdraw anytime you want. Although most of the familiars abilities aren't fully working yet, it could be a possible future update. Overall, summoning can be a very helpful skill, when leveled though. A lot of the lower level familiars aren't very useful.

How do I train summoning?Edit

Training summoning is very easy. It can be rather "clicky", though. To start off, you are going to need one pouch and at least one Spirit Shard, and at least one specific colored charm, they are required for every pouch you can make. Training summoning may not be the be the fastest skill to train, but the experience rates aren't extremely slow, either.


Level Familiar Required Items Spirit Shards Needed Experience Special Ability(if any)
Spirit Wolf 1 Spirit Wolf 1x gold charm, 1x wolf bones 7 Spirit Shards 48 None
Dreadfowl 4 Dreadfowl 1x gold charm, 1x raw chicken 8 Spirit Shards 93 None
Spirit Spider 10 Spirit Spider 1x gold charm, 1x spider carcass 8 Spirit Shards 126 None
Thorny Snail 13 Thorny Snail 1x gold charm, 1x thin snail 13 Spirit Shards 126 None
Granite Crab 16 Granite Crab 1x gold charm, 1x iron ore 7 Spirit Shards 216 None
Spirit Mosquito 17 Spirit Mosquito 1x gold charm, 1x proboscis 1 Spirit Shard 465 None
Desert Wyrm 18 Desert Wyrm 1x green charm, 1x bucket of sand 45 Spirit Shards 312 None
Spirit Scorpion 19 Spirit Scorpion 1x crimson charm, 1x bronze claws 57 Spirit Shards 832 None
Spirit Tz-Kih 22 Spirit Tz-Kih 1x chrimson charm, 1x obsidian charm 64 Spirit Shards 968 None
Albino Rat 23 Albino Rat 1x blue charm, 1x raw rat meat 75 Spirit Shards 2,024 None
Spirit Kalphite 25 Spirit Kalphite 1x blue charm, 1x potato cactus 51 Spirit Shards 2,200 None
Compost Mound 28 Compost Mound 1x green charm, 1x compost 47 Spirit Shards 498 None
Giant Chinchompa 29 Giant Chinchompa 1x blue charm, 1x chinchompa 84 Spirit Shards 2,552 None
Vampyre Bat 31 Vampyre Bat 1x crimson charm, 1x vampire dust 81 Spirit Shards 1,360 None
Honey Badger 32 Honey Badger 1x crimson charm, 1x honeycomb 84 Spirit Shards 1,408 None
Beaver 33 Beaver 1x green charm, 1x willow logs 72 Spirit Shards 576 None
Void Ravager 34 Void Ravager 1x green charm, 1x ravager charm 74 Spirit Shards 596 None
Void Spinner 34 Void Spinner 1x blue charm, 1x Spinner Charm 74 Spirit Shards 596 None
Void Torcher 34 Void Torcher 1x blue charm, 1x torcher charm 74 Spirit Shards 596 None
Void Shifter 34 Void Shifter 1x blue charm, 1x shifter charm 74 Spirit Shards 596 None
Bronze Minotaur 36 Bronze Minotaur 1x blue charm, 1x bronze bar 102 Spirit Shards 3,168 None
Bull Ant 40 Bull Ant 1x gold charm, 1x marigolds 11 Spirit Shards 528 None
Evil Turnip 42 Evil Turnip 1x crimson charm, 1x evil turnip 104 Spirit Shards 1,848 None
Spirit Cockatrice 43 Spirit Cockatrice 1x green charm,1x cockatrice egg 88 Spirit Shards 752 None
Spirit Guthatrice 43 Spirit Guthatrice 1x green charm, 1x guthatrice egg 88 Spirit Shards 752 None
Spirit Saratrice 43 Spirit Saratrice 1x green charm, 1x saratrice egg 88 Spirit Shards 752 None
Spirit Zamatrice 43 Spirit Zamatrice 1x green charm, 1x zamatrice egg 88 Spirit Shards 752 None
Spirit Pengatrice 43 Spirit Pengatrice 1x green charm, 1x pengatrice egg 88 Spirit Shards 752 None
Spirit Coraxatrice 43 Spirit Coraxatrice 1x green charm, 1x coraxatrice egg 88 Spirit Shards 752 None
Spirit Vulatrice 43 Spirit Vulatrice 1x green charm, 1x vulatrice egg 88 Spirit shards 752 None
Iron Minotaur 46 Iron Minotaur 1x blue charm, 1x iron bar 126 Spirit Shards 4,048 None
Pyrelord 46 Pyrelord 1x crimson charm, 1x tinderbox 111 Spirit Shards 2,024 None
Magpie 47 Magpie 1x green charm, 1x gold ring 88 Spirit Shards 832 None
Bloated Leech 49 Bloated Leech 1x crimson charm, 1x raw beef 117 Spirit Shards 2,152 None
Spirit Terrorbird 52 Spirit Terrorbird 1x gold charm, 1x raw bird meat 12 Spirit Shards 684 None
Abyssal Parasite 54 Abyssal Parasite 1x green charm, 1x abyssal charm 106 Spirit Shards 984 None
Spirit Jelly 55 Spirit Jelly 1x blue charm, 1x jug of water 151 Spirit Shards 484 None
Steel Minotaur 56 Steel Minotaur 1x blue charm, 1x steel bar 141 Spirit Shards 4,928 None
Ibis 56 Ibis 1x green charm, 1x harpoon 109 Spirit Shards 988 None
Spirit Kyatt 57 Spirit Kyatt 1x blue charm,1x kyatt fur 153 Spirit Shards 5,016 None
Spirit Larupia 57 Spirit Larupia 1x blue charm, 1x larupia fur 155 Spirit Shards 5,016 None
Spirit Graahk 57 Spirit Graahk 1x blue charm, 1x graahk fur 154 Spirit Shards 5,016 None
Karamthulu Overlord 58 Karamthulhu Overlord 1x blue charm, 1x fishbowl 144 Spirit Shards 5,104 None
Smoke Devil 61 Smoke Devil 1x crimson charm, 1x goat horn dust 141 Spirit Shards 2,680 None
Abyssal Lurker 62 Abyssal Lurker 1x green charm, 1x abyssal charm 119 Spirit Shards 1,096 None
Spirit Cobra 63 Spirit Cobra 1x crimson charm, 1x snake hide 116 Spirit Shards 2,768 None
Stranger Plant 64 Stranger Plant 1x crimson charm, 1x bagged plant 1 128 Spirit Shards 2,816 None
Mithril Minotaur 66 Mithril Minotaur 1x blue charm, 1x mithril bar 152 Spirit Shards 5,808 None
Barker Toad 66 Barker Toad 1x gold charm, 1x swamp toad 11 Spirit Shards 870 None
War Tortoise 67 War Tortoise 1x gold charm, 1x tortoise shell 1 Spirit Shard 586 Allows the player to hold 20 extra inventory items
Bunyip 68 Bunyip 1x green charm, 1x raw shark 110 Spirit Shards 1,192 None
Fruit Bat 69 Fruit Bat 1x green charm, 1x banana 130 Spirit Shards 1,212 None
Ravenous Locust 70 Ravenous Locust 1x crimson charm, 1x pot of flour 79 Spirit Shards 1,320 None
Arctic Bear 71 Arctic Bear 1x gold charm, 1x polar kebbit fur 14 Spirit Shards 932 None
Phoenix 72 Phoenix 1x crimson charm, phoenix quill 165 Spirit Shards 3,010 None
Obsidian Golem 73 Obsidian Golem 1x blue charm, 1x obsidian charm 195 Spirit Shards 6,424 None
Granite Lobster 74 Granite Lobster 1x crimson charm, 1x granite (500g) 166 Spirit Shards 3,256 None
Praying Mantis 75 Praying Mantis 1x crimson charm, 1x red flowers 168 Spirit Shards 3,296 None
Adamant Minotaur 76 Adamant Minotaur 1x blue charm, 1x adamant bar 144 Spirit Shards 6,688 None
Forge Regent 76 Forge Regent 1x green charm, 1x ruby harvest 141 Spirit Shards 1,340 None
Talon Beast 77 Talon Beast 1x crimson charm, 1x talon beast charm 174 Spirit Shards 10,152 None
Giant Ent 78 Giant Ent 1x green charm, 1x willow branch 124 Spirit Shards 1,368 None
Fire Titan 79 Fire Titan 1x fire talisman 198 Spirit Shards 6,952 None
Moss Titan 79 Moss Titan 1x blue charm, 1x earth talisman 202 Spirit Shards 6,952 None
Ice Titan 79 Ice Titan 1x blue charm, 1x water talisman, 1x air talisman 198 Spirit Shards 6,952 None
Hydra 80 Hydra 1x green charm, 1x water orb 128 Spirit Shards 1,408 None
Spirit Dagannoth 83 Spirit Dagannoth 1x crimson charm, 1x dagannoth hide 1 Spirit Shard 3,648 None
Lava Titan 83 Lava Titan 1x blue charm, 1x obsidian charm 219 Spirit Shards 7,304 None
Swamp Titan 85 Swamp Titan 1x crimson charm, 1x swamp lizard 150 Spirit Shards Unavailable None
Rune Minotaur 86 Rune Minotaur 1x blue charm, 1x rune bar 1 Spirit Shard 7,568 None
Unicorn Stallion 88 Unicorn Stallion 1x green charm, 1x unicorn horn 140 Spirit Shards 1,544 None
Geyser Titan 89 Geyser Titan 1x blue charm, 1x water talisman 222 Spirit Shards 7,832 None
Wolpertinger 92 Wolpertinger 1x crimson charm, 1x wolf bones, 1x raw rabbit 203 Spirit Shards 4,040 None
Abyssal Titan 93 Abyssal Titan 1x green charm, 1x abyssal charm 113 Spirit Shards 1,632 None
Iron Titan 95 Iron Titan 1x crimson charm, 1x iron platebody 198 Spirit Shards 4,176 None
Pack Yak 96 Pack Yak 1x crimson charm, 1x yak-hide 211 Spirit Shards 4,224 Allows the player to hold 20 extra inventory items
Steel Titan 99 Steel Titan 1x crimson charm, 1x steel platebody 178 Spirit Shards 4,352 None