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smithing can be a very long skill if you are not rich, and it can be very boring. there are many ways to do smithing, the traditional way of bars and a hammer on an anvil. you start with bronze bars which you can buy from ::ge or ::grandexchange and a hammer which you can buy from the G.E or a shop at ::home. You will go to ::skillingarea to use the anvils there. then we move on the the fast way if you have money, you can buy draconic visage for 350,000,000gp from the G.E and buy anti-dragon sheild then use the visage on an anti-dragon shield, and you will make a dragonfire sheild which gives you 500,000xp everyone you make. Upon selling the dragonfire shield, you will get 150,000,000 which means you will lose 200,000,449GP for every shield you make.

-ima jigglo.