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Cooks Assistant
Cook (talk to him in order to start quest)


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Cooks Assistant is the first quest that was ever introduced into SageScape. It is a very fast and easy quest to do, and the rewards are very worth the time. The Cook is in a bit of trouble, and it's up to you to help him.

This quest can be started by talking to the Cook, in Lumbridge Castle. When you first talk to the cook, he will say "What am I to do?"

Keep going through the dialogue a bit, and eventually you will reach to the point where the cook says he needs one egg, one pot of flour, and one bucket of milk. All of these items can be acquired through the Grand Exchange.

Bucket of milk-36GP


Pot of flour-107GP

Once you have all of these items, just talk to the Cook again, and the quest will be completed.


Cooks Assistant Rewards

Message upon completing Cooks Assistant

For completing the quest, you are rewarded:

  • 1 Quest point
  • 100,000 Cooking experience
  • 50,000,000GP