Herblore is just one of the many skills that can be trained in SageScape.

You can save a lot of money by making certain potions yourself instead of buying them from other players or the Grand Exchange. Herblore can be trained in various ways, such as cleaning herbs and mixing them with other potions or mixing them with vials.

If you want to learn how to make Overload Potions, please refer to the lower portion of the page.

How To Train HerbloreEdit

In order to start herblore, the best place to start out is ::skillingarea.


The first person you are probably going to notice is "Zaff."

Zaff is the NPC that sells pretty much everything you are going to need to get 99 herblore, or making any potion that you want to make. Although there are some potions that can not be made with the materials in the store, you can obtain the others from the grand exchange.

One of the most common ways to train herblore is to buy grimy cadantines, since these are stackable, all you need to do is click a rather large amount of times to clean the herbs, and you will be gaining herblore experience.

Making Unfinished PotionsEdit

Potion Being Created Level Needed Ingredients Experience
Guam Potion (unf)Guam Potion (unf) 1 Vial of water + Guam
Vial Of Water+Guam
Marrentill Potion (unf)Marrentill Potion (unf) 5 Vial of water + Marrentill
Vial Of Water+Marrentill
Tarromin Potion (unf)Tarromin Potion (unf) 12 Vial of water + Tarromin
Vial Of Water+Tarromin
Harralander Potion (unf)Harralander Potion (unf) 22 Vial of water + Harralander
Vial Of Water+Harralander
Ranarr Potion (unf)Ranarr Potion (unf) 30 Vial of water + Ranarr
Vial Of Water+Ranarr
Irit Potion (unf)Irit Potion (unf) 45 Vial of water + Irit
Vial Of Water+Irit
Avantoe Potion (unf)Avantoe Potion (unf) 50 Vial of water + Avantoe
Vial Of Water+Avantoe
Cadantine Potion (unf)Cadantine Potion (unf) 66 Vial of water + Cadantine
Vial Of Water+Cadantine
Kwuarm Potion (unf)Kwuarm Potion (unf) 55 Vial of water + Kwuarm
Vial Of Water+Kwuarm
Dwarf Weed Potion (unf)Clean dwarf Potion (unf) 72 Vial of water + Dwarf Weed
Vial Of Water+Dwarf Weed
Torstol Potion (unf)Torstol Potion (unf) 78 Vial of water + Torstol
Vial Of Water+Torstol

Finishing Unfinished PotionsEdit

Potion Being Created Level Needed Ingredients Experience
Attack PotionAttack potion (4) 1 Guam Potion (unf) + Eye of Newt
Guam Potion (unf)+Eye Of Newt
Antipoison PotionAntipoison (4) 5 Marrentill Potion (unf) + Unicorn Horn Dust
Marrentill Potion (unf)+Unicorn Horn Dust
Strength PotionStrength Potion (4) 12 Tarromin Potion (unf) + Limpwurt Root
Tarromin Potion (unf)+Limpwurt Root
Restore PotionRestore Potion (4) 22 Harralander Potion (unf) + Red Spiders' Eggs
Harralander Potion (unf)+Red Spiders' Eggs
Defence PotionDefence Potion (4) 30 Ranarr Potion (unf) + White Berries
Ranarr Potion (unf)+White Berries
Prayer PotionPrayer Potion (4) 38 Ranarr Potion (unf) + Snape Grass
Ranarr Potion (unf)+Snape Grass
Super Attack PotionSuper Attack (4) 45 Irit Potion (unf) + Eye of Newt
Irit Potion (unf)+Eye Of Newt
Super AntipoisonSuper Antipoison 48 Irit Potion (unf) + Unicorn Horn Dust
Irit Potion (unf)+Unicorn Horn Dust
Fishing PotionFishing Potion (4) 50 Avantoe Potion (unf) + Snape Grass
Avantoe Potion (unf)+Snape Grass
Super Strength PotionSuper Strength (4) 55 Kwuarm Potion (unf) + Limpwurt Root
Kwuarm Potion (unf)+Limpwurt Root
Weapon PoisonWeapon Poison (4) 60 Kwuarm Potion (unf) + Dragon Scale Dust
Kwuarm Potion (unf)+Dragon Scale Dust
Super Defence PotionSuper Defence (4) 66 Cadantine Potion (unf) + White Berries
Cadantine Potion (unf)+White Berries
Ranging PotionRanging Potion (4) 72 Dwarf Weed Potion (unf) + Wine of Zamorak
Dwarf Weed Potion (unf)+Wine Of Zamorak
Zamorak BrewZamorak Brew (4) 78 Torstol Potion (unf) + Jangerberries
Torstol Potion (unf)+Jangerberries

Making Extremes And OverloadsEdit

Please note that Extremes and Overloads can be sold to the GE, but for a price of 1GP. Although this may just be a bug,and could very well be changed in the future, it is not recommended to sell these to the GE.

Potion Being Created Level Needed Ingredients Experience
Extreme AttackExtreme Attack (4) 88 Super Attack (4) + Avantoe
Super Attack Potion+Avantoe
Extreme StrengthExtreme Strength (4) 89 Super Strength (4) + Clean Dwarf Weed
Super Strength Potion+Dwarf Weed
OverloadOverload (4) 96 Extreme Attack (4) + Torstol
Extreme Attack+Torstol
OverloadOverload (4) 96 Extreme Stregnth (4) + Torstol
Extreme Strength+Torstol

Cleaning Grimy HerbsEdit

Herb Being Cleaned Level Needed Experience
Grimy GuamGrimy Guam 1 321
Grimy AvantoeGrimy Avantoe 1 232
Grimy HarralanderGrimy Harralander 1 427
Grimy IritGrimy Irit 1 545
Grimy KwuarmGrimy Kwuarm 1 587
Grimy MarrentillGrimy Marrentill 1 5,042
Grimy CadantineGrimy Cadantine 1 569
Grimy RanarrGrimy Ranarr 1 529
Grimy TarrominGrimy Tarromin 1 285