Vote Shop

The Vote Shop is a store where you can exchange your vote points for unique items. The shop is located just South of the teleport to home. The cost for items could be anywhere from 1 vote point to 12 vote points. The shop sells some items, that can only be aquired through the vote shop, others can be gotton via player-made, or through monster drops.

On August 27, 2012 the Vote Shop recieved a major change, many more items were added to the vote shop. These the items that were added, are now only able to be aquired through the vote shop, in an attempt to encourage players to vote more often. Every partyhat color was added, every color of H'ween mask, and santa hats were also added. All of these items cost 10 vote points. Other items that were added were "antique lamps" which are actually experience lamps that when used, give you 150,000 experience in a chosen skill. The last item that was added to the vote shop was mystery box.

Where do I get vote points?Edit

Getting vote points is fairly easy. All you need to do is go to When you are at the link, simply write your name where it says to, and click vote for us. For every site you vote for, you should get 2 vote points.

Vote Shop Inside

Inside of vote shop

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